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BLM Moonbat Steals, Burns Library’s Books, Plays Race Card


It wouldn’t have taken a clairvoyant to predict that the Black Lives Matter mentality would lead to burning books — or to predict the reaction of a BLM activist who was fired from his job at a library for setting fire to its books. He played the race card, of course.

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Local activist and rapper Cameron “C-Grimey” Williams was fired from the Chattanooga Public Library on Wednesday after allegedly burning library books by conservative authors.

They didn’t fire him immediately, probably for fear that the whole library would get burned down, as might be expected to happen during what the liberal establishment media would call a “mostly peaceful protest.”

Williams, known for his role organizing protests last year against police brutality, was placed on paid administrative leave…

They worked up the nerve to fire him last week. This probably didn’t help his case:

In a video posted temporarily on Instagram, Williams appeared to burn copies of Coulter’s “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)” and Trump’s “Crippled America” in an outdoor fire, spraying each with lighter fluid. “FDT,” a Trump protest song by YG and Nipsey Hussle, played in the background.

Williams is only ahead of his time. If the role of a museum curator is to discredit, desecrate, and destroy the culture formerly preserved by a museum, the role of a library employee will soon be to burn books.

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Upon his firing, out came the race card. Snarled Williams:

“I really believe that this was political. It’s definitely a perpetuation of white supremacy. None of this would have never ever ever been a problem if someone who doesn’t believe in me speaking for equality for Black people wouldn’t have reported it.”

Let’s hope that person has not been publicly identified. This is no longer a safe country for people who perpetuate white supremacy by objecting to books being burned.

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As for the firing being political, those in charge at the library are no doubt sympathetic to Williams’s leftist views. Western Journal reports that they hold “drag queen storytime” on a regular basis. But until utopia has been achieved, there are still some limits to antisocial behavior.

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