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Destabilizing the Middle East


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Biden’s feeble approach to Iran is threatening the tenuous stability the Trump administration had created in the Middle East.

Biden removed the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen from the terrorist list, despite escalating violence by the rebels against civilians. Obama’s administration began the war against the Houthis and was even condemned for launching a drone strike against a wedding procession to target a rebel militant.

Arabs in the Middle East, however, are now calling on Biden to stand up to Iranian-backed Houthi violence or the provocations will only increase.

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Raymond Ibrahim: “So Biden's foreign policy with Iran is, of course, it seems very much a duplicate of Obama, which is not surprising considering Biden was his vice president. It's being seen more or less as a policy of weakness.”

Iran is receiving support from Turkey, supposedly a NATO ally, but acting as another state sponsor of terrorism. Syria now has operating within its borders military forces from  Russia, Iran and Turkey. The trio of nations lashed out against Israel for attacking Iranian targets in Syria, which Israel views as a build-up for use against the Jewish state.

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Further muddying the waters, there are competing, overlapping alliances at work against the Turkish-Iranian bloc, namely the Israeli-Arab alliance and the Greek-Arab alliance.

President Trump was able to solidify diplomatic relations between various Arab states with Israel including Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. These Arab states, along with Saudi Arabia, are continuing to build up their strategic partnerships in the region with NATO-member Greece. These Greek-Arab states met last week for the Philia Forum to discuss peace in the Mediterranean.

A spokesman for Turkey’s ruling party condemned the conference, threatening if Greece and Cyprus pursue their dreams with their Arab allies, they would “not escape the nightmare.”

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Raymond Ibrahim: “The Turks have always been spearheading the Sunnis and they are, of course, the Jihadi war machine par-excellence, whereas Iranians are more sophisticated and more subtle in their machinations. So that is, of course, a danger for the Biden administration.

Fears are increasing around the world that Biden’s left-leaning approach will only empower Iran and Turkey to harm the Middle East with its Christian minorities and American allies.

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