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Trump CPAC Speech Will Be “Show of Force,” Telling GOP “I’m In Charge…”


Those who were hoping that Trump would fade away, are about to be very disappointed.


Despite the 2020 election results, a second impeachment and social media virtually ghosting him, Trump is standing up proud, ready to fight for America.

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And according to rumors, his speech at CPAC is really going to kick things off, where he plans on declaring to the GOP that even though he doesn’t have the Oval Office, he’s still in charge.

From Axios

What to watch: A longtime adviser called Trump’s speech a “show of force,” and said the message will be: “I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I’m still in charge.” Payback is his chief obsession.

Axios has learned that Trump advisers will meet with him at Mar-a-Lago this week to plan his next political moves, and to set up the machinery for kingmaking in the 2022 midterms.

Trump is expected to stoke primary challenges for some of those who have crossed him, and shower money and endorsements on the Trumpiest candidates.

State-level officials, fresh off censuring Trump critics, stand ready to back him up.

Why it matters: Trump’s speech Sunday at CPAC in Orlando is designed to show that he controls the party, whether or not he runs in 2024.

His advisers argue that his power within the GOP runs deeper and broader than ever, and that no force can temper him.

“Trump effectively is the Republican Party,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told me. “The only chasm is between Beltway insiders and grassroots Republicans around the country. When you attack President Trump, you’re attacking the Republican grassroots.”


Man, this is gonna be an amazing thing to see.

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Even with Democrats and Republicans trying to drown him, he still keeps coming up for air.

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